January 31, 2011

That Says it All

Quick Update on the Daily Giveaways - they're going. . . I've kept the promise. . . kept the commitment. . . kept the 
RESOLUTION. . . . there really has been nothing creative or exciting - a lot of the same things (bread, meals, helping 
friends move, sliverware, much of the same). . . but I'll tell you what has changed - ME! 
I am learning that - really - this life isn't about me.  It's not about my feelings, my ego, my wants, even my needs. . . it's all about the Creator - God. . . When I'm tired and have forgotten my commitment for this year, it's not about me. . . so I get up and find something to give. . . even if it is a card to a friend who is going through a rough spell!
Yesterday, church was pretty powerful - worship was AMAZING!  (Side note:  if you need a church to visit or call home - email me. . . Crosspointe is the BOMB DIGGITY!)   We did one of my favorite songs - it's beautiful when heard and the words are INCREDIBLY powerful. . . The writer (I'm not sure if Michael W. Smith actually wrote it) has a great grasp of WHO God is. . . but my favorite favorite part is at the end when it says "You're my Savior, Messiah Redeemer and FRIEND!" - I get all. . . well, GIRLY sometimes when it comes to friends - I like to be the favorite. . I like to be the best, and so often - I'm just not - for no other reason than people are busy and LIFE doesn't REVOLVE around Me (shocker, I know). . . 
Bonnie Posey reminded me last week as I was having a pity party that I am JESUS' FAVORITE!!  He calls me friend. . . I'm awe-struck. . . will ponder that all week - Hope you do too!  I have more to say (again, SHOCKING)  - but can't put it all in one blog. . > Listen to the song. . . think about the words. . . I hope He is your friend too!
PS - I don't know what is wrong with the formatting on this blog - I can't figure it out!!

January 20, 2011

I'll do better. .. .

Ok . . It's Thursday. . . I haven't updated since Monday - b/c WELL I SUCK AT THIS!

Here's the first problem. . >I haven't given away anything fun and exciting - so I didn't feel like there was a lot to blog about. . .

Here's the update so far: Monday - did some work for some co-workers. . . HEY . . ITS MONDAY and I'M TIRED and . . ITS MONDAY. . . by the time I get to work. . I'm tired - so I just try to help the guys and gals out!

Tuesday. . . I seriously can't remember, but I know I did something b/c I didn't miss a day....although - Tuesday at the Corley house left much to be desired. . . it was chaotic and crazy - and NOT controlled at all!

Wednesday - this is where it gets tricky. . but I like it:

I was on the phone with a friend - a good friend - and he said: "You can pray for me and (unnamed party). . that can be your giveaway today" - (HE READS MY BLOG)

So. . I was thinking about that - and that is what I gave away yesterday - every single time I thought about what I was going to give away . . I prayed for this sweet couple who is starting a new life together this summer and just mean a lot to me. SO O O - that's what I gave away yesterday - a day of prayers for one couple in particular! I'm happy about that giveaway b/c sometimes I say I will pray for somebody but I forget or whatever. .. so . . I'm happy with that.

Today, I'm EQUALLY as happy to be going to my BESTEST friend, Paiges house (over at Boivin HomeSchool) to help her do a little spiffying up around her house. . . She has been working like a slave laborer all week and I hope I can bless her by helping her around her house a little!

January 17, 2011

Since Friday..

Whew - I haven't made a real post since like Wednesday - so here goes the catchup - WEEKENDS ARE MADNESS AT THE CORLEY HOUSE!

For my "giveaways" - Friday, I sent dinner to sweet friends the Wadleys ( . . . They just had a VERY VERY cute little girl, Naomi!

Saturday - I did NOTHING. . NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING - I was home all day except a quick shopping trip to Kohl's and then we went out to dinner with friends, and I totally forgot to give anything away until we were on the way home to watch the Falcons play (or not play. . . whatever you decide).

Sunday - I donated a crock-pot of chili to our youth at the church for their chili cookout - YAY - they made over $600 for . . well, for whatever they use it for. . I think to go to camp!

Today is Monday - I'm back to life, back to reality .. kinda! I'm feeling super duper yucky today about a lot of things...but I plan to give something away today! I think it will be .... I'm not sure....I'll figure something out and report back later.

January 14, 2011

Epic Fail

Well. . . . It's been almost 2 weeks of giving and yesterday was an EPIC FAIL! My intention was to give something away at work last night . . . well in the midst of my night at Longhorn, I was extremely angered by the events of the evening. . . (just part of the job) At any rate, by the time I remembered that I hadn't given anything away, there were no people left. . . Then my friends and I went to Applebees for a drink and some relaxation. . . . I was going to by one of their drinks but I didn't feel like buying a beer at Applebees was anything to blog about!!!

So - that's my post for today - Fridays are always "chaotic". . . . I have an eye appointment, a dentist appointment, have to work at Green Livin then Longhorn. . . . I'll be pooped when I get home :)

Will update blog tomorrow - I plan on doubling up my giving today!!

Peace out playas (<---- does that sound funny coming from me)

January 13, 2011

If we get 25 followers. . . . . .

I'll Make one of these CUTESY PATOOTSY clipboards personalized with your name on it. .

Why do I want 25 followers? Because, I'm hoping that somebody will "pay it forwards" and join with me on this resolution. . . and make it a lifestyle of giving!!

Refer me to your friends!! One lucky winner will get a clip board!

This is how you Make the Clip Boards:

What you need
Mod Podge
A Clip Board
Scrapbooking paper of your choice
ribbon of your choice
any other embellishments of your choice

Decide which paper you would like to use - you can use coordinating paper or just one piece - cut it out to a TINY bit smaller than the size of the clipboard. I just turned my clip board over and used it as a template and then cut just inside of that....

Paint a THIN layer of mod podge onto your board and add the paper - use a credit card or something of that nature (I'm super technical and crafty, I know) to smooth away all of the bubbles. Note: if you have bubbles, DONT FRET - they will go away

Add the ribbon and whatever embellishments using the ModPodge. . .

When you have everything where you want it, simply ModPodge OVER everything - it leaves it with a glossy shine once finished and protects it from any spills or anything!

Add coordinating ribbon to the top!

Your possibilities are endless!! It's cute if you make a little pencil with matching paper and ribbon!!

January 12, 2011

Silverware and Plates?

I work at a restaurant . . . I love it - I mean, I really really love it!  For the most part, that is!  You see, I am at home allllll day every single day with my kids - whom I sincerely adore, but the truth that some parents don't tell you is. . . .. <THEY ARE KIDS> . . . . Mine, specifically, are 4 months (all he does is eat, sleep, and poop) 2 years (all he does is whine, make funny faces, say funny things b/c he can't articulate yet and EAT . . A LOT) and 5 years (all she does is WORK MY NERVES . . well when she isn't being super sassy, smart mouth, or HYSTERICAL - that kid is her mama made over). . . and here's a secret - we don't like the same things. . I don't like to play barbies, Dora on the Wii, Thomas the Train, LeapFrog TAG, or I Spy. . . I'm just not that kind of mommy - I don't love it - I do it and I'm trying to not screw up my kids a LOT. . . . but I don't love those things. . . yeah, yeah, I know some of you do - but it's not my thing!

SOOoooooo - I love my few hours a few nights a week at Longhorn Steakhouse - I work with a bunch of REALLY great folks - they're different than I am - not bad - just different.  They're not people that I would really run into in any of my "circles," but I wish I did - I wish I ran into more really REAL folks like I work with at Longhorn - they're not trying to be anybody they're not - or please anybody - or . . . well anything like anybody I know.  They're just good, honest folks, trying to make a living - work through school - get to their next "real" job - or whatever.  I love 'em!  I don't know if they realize what they mean to me or if I value their friendship - but I do!

I say allllllllllllllllllllllllllll that to say - that my "giveaway" for tonight was (1) I took one of my sweet friends, Amber, a bag of Reese's Cup Hearts. . . cuz I like her :)  and I wanted to make her smile and (2) - I put plates and silver on all the tables at the end of the shift.  This may not sound serious to you, but after you've waited on crazies all night, and you've done all your work in the back - the last dern thing you want to do is table work - I thought I'd just help the girls out a little bit. . . So, I put all the plates and silver on their tables so they wouldn't have to go back and forth to the kitchen a million made me smile - I hope it made them smile!

SnowFest 2011

What can I say?  We've had two great snow days - today is a third, but I think we can actually venture into town at some point today - and I hope so - b/c our milk, bread and egg stash has been HAD!
This is the little Doodle (aka Macie) and me - She has had soooo much fun

This is my little Butterbean (aka Cole) - The first day, he really enjoyed the snow. . he even went down on the sled a few times. . . yesterday, He just kinda walked around in the snow - the only thing he REALLLY wanted to do was ride the 4-wheeler with his dad!  

Max stayed int he house in his bouncy and watched cartoons much of the day........

Being cooped up in the house for going on three days has been REALLLLLLLLLLLLY fun for me!  I feel like a pioneer woman - all I've done is cook, clean up the mess and play outside!  Not that I think that pioneer folks got that much playing in - but I haven't even SEEN "town" since Sunday afternoon where I stocked up on my groceries - and I'm glad I did - b/c we would have run out!

THIS IS A STRETCH as far as my New Year's Resolution goes, but yesterday, I made breakfast and sent it downstairs to my grandmother - now my Grandmama lives downstairs but we don't really see her everyday - she has her own little apartment down there and we don't see her that often.  Today, I plan to do better! Being inside for 3 days has limited my giving abilities!!! 

I have nothing else of value to say today - just wanted to share my cute bundled up snow babies!!!
Maybe I'll have exciting news this afternoon about my giving news :)