January 14, 2011

Epic Fail

Well. . . . It's been almost 2 weeks of giving and yesterday was an EPIC FAIL! My intention was to give something away at work last night . . . well in the midst of my night at Longhorn, I was extremely angered by the events of the evening. . . (just part of the job) At any rate, by the time I remembered that I hadn't given anything away, there were no people left. . . Then my friends and I went to Applebees for a drink and some relaxation. . . . I was going to by one of their drinks but I didn't feel like buying a beer at Applebees was anything to blog about!!!

So - that's my post for today - Fridays are always "chaotic". . . . I have an eye appointment, a dentist appointment, have to work at Green Livin then Longhorn. . . . I'll be pooped when I get home :)

Will update blog tomorrow - I plan on doubling up my giving today!!

Peace out playas (<---- does that sound funny coming from me)