January 17, 2011

Since Friday..

Whew - I haven't made a real post since like Wednesday - so here goes the catchup - WEEKENDS ARE MADNESS AT THE CORLEY HOUSE!

For my "giveaways" - Friday, I sent dinner to sweet friends the Wadleys ( . . . They just had a VERY VERY cute little girl, Naomi!

Saturday - I did NOTHING. . NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING - I was home all day except a quick shopping trip to Kohl's and then we went out to dinner with friends, and I totally forgot to give anything away until we were on the way home to watch the Falcons play (or not play. . . whatever you decide).

Sunday - I donated a crock-pot of chili to our youth at the church for their chili cookout - YAY - they made over $600 for . . well, for whatever they use it for. . I think to go to camp!

Today is Monday - I'm back to life, back to reality .. kinda! I'm feeling super duper yucky today about a lot of things...but I plan to give something away today! I think it will be .... I'm not sure....I'll figure something out and report back later.