January 12, 2011

Silverware and Plates?

I work at a restaurant . . . I love it - I mean, I really really love it!  For the most part, that is!  You see, I am at home allllll day every single day with my kids - whom I sincerely adore, but the truth that some parents don't tell you is. . . .. <THEY ARE KIDS> . . . . Mine, specifically, are 4 months (all he does is eat, sleep, and poop) 2 years (all he does is whine, make funny faces, say funny things b/c he can't articulate yet and EAT . . A LOT) and 5 years (all she does is WORK MY NERVES . . well when she isn't being super sassy, smart mouth, or HYSTERICAL - that kid is her mama made over). . . and here's a secret - we don't like the same things. . I don't like to play barbies, Dora on the Wii, Thomas the Train, LeapFrog TAG, or I Spy. . . I'm just not that kind of mommy - I don't love it - I do it and I'm trying to not screw up my kids a LOT. . . . but I don't love those things. . . yeah, yeah, I know some of you do - but it's not my thing!

SOOoooooo - I love my few hours a few nights a week at Longhorn Steakhouse - I work with a bunch of REALLY great folks - they're different than I am - not bad - just different.  They're not people that I would really run into in any of my "circles," but I wish I did - I wish I ran into more really REAL folks like I work with at Longhorn - they're not trying to be anybody they're not - or please anybody - or . . . well anything like anybody I know.  They're just good, honest folks, trying to make a living - work through school - get to their next "real" job - or whatever.  I love 'em!  I don't know if they realize what they mean to me or if I value their friendship - but I do!

I say allllllllllllllllllllllllllll that to say - that my "giveaway" for tonight was (1) I took one of my sweet friends, Amber, a bag of Reese's Cup Hearts. . . cuz I like her :)  and I wanted to make her smile and (2) - I put plates and silver on all the tables at the end of the shift.  This may not sound serious to you, but after you've waited on crazies all night, and you've done all your work in the back - the last dern thing you want to do is table work - I thought I'd just help the girls out a little bit. . . So, I put all the plates and silver on their tables so they wouldn't have to go back and forth to the kitchen a million made me smile - I hope it made them smile!


Bowmanh23 said...

That is so sweet! I used to wait tables so I know what an awesome act of service it is to help them with the silver and such at the end of the night. I agree with you that we need more "real" people. People who don't put on a show. We would be more effective as Christians if we were. I think you are as real as they come girl! And I think God has put you in that place for His glory!

Robert and Carmen said...

I've never worked in food service, but reading your post still made me smile!