January 31, 2011

That Says it All

Quick Update on the Daily Giveaways - they're going. . . I've kept the promise. . . kept the commitment. . . kept the 
RESOLUTION. . . . there really has been nothing creative or exciting - a lot of the same things (bread, meals, helping 
friends move, sliverware, much of the same). . . but I'll tell you what has changed - ME! 
I am learning that - really - this life isn't about me.  It's not about my feelings, my ego, my wants, even my needs. . . it's all about the Creator - God. . . When I'm tired and have forgotten my commitment for this year, it's not about me. . . so I get up and find something to give. . . even if it is a card to a friend who is going through a rough spell!
Yesterday, church was pretty powerful - worship was AMAZING!  (Side note:  if you need a church to visit or call home - email me. . . Crosspointe is the BOMB DIGGITY!)   We did one of my favorite songs - it's beautiful when heard and the words are INCREDIBLY powerful. . . The writer (I'm not sure if Michael W. Smith actually wrote it) has a great grasp of WHO God is. . . but my favorite favorite part is at the end when it says "You're my Savior, Messiah Redeemer and FRIEND!" - I get all. . . well, GIRLY sometimes when it comes to friends - I like to be the favorite. . I like to be the best, and so often - I'm just not - for no other reason than people are busy and LIFE doesn't REVOLVE around Me (shocker, I know). . . 
Bonnie Posey reminded me last week as I was having a pity party that I am JESUS' FAVORITE!!  He calls me friend. . . I'm awe-struck. . . will ponder that all week - Hope you do too!  I have more to say (again, SHOCKING)  - but can't put it all in one blog. . > Listen to the song. . . think about the words. . . I hope He is your friend too!
PS - I don't know what is wrong with the formatting on this blog - I can't figure it out!!


Teri Kutsch said...

Love it!! Hope your having a great day!!