January 9, 2011

3rd Snow This Year. . . . > WHAAAAAAAAAAT?

It's snowing here in Covington, Georgia. . . that's a big deal. . . we rarely see snow. . . and in the event that 3 flakes stick together on any road in a 15 mile radius. . . SCHOOL and MOST BUSINESSES will CLOSE!  In fact, the public schools in the area closed well before the first flake fell and my daughter's private school just sent out a calling post message to assure us that tomorrow is IN FACT, a play day!!  YESSSSS!!!!!

In honor of the snow, to fulfill today's part of my New Year's Resolution, I baked a loaf of yummy bread (because, after all, the SHELVES WERE BARE in most stores) and made little homemade hot chocolate mixes and took across the street to our neighbors that we haven't met yet!  Jimmy and Carrol are a nice family with a couple of teenage kids.  I hope if it snows a lot tonight, we will play with them in the snow tomorrow and begin to build a relationship.

I did a little research on snow. . . I learned how snow is formed - do you know that sometimes it starts as dust. . and as the dust goes through different temperature changes in the atmosphere, condensation happens and those particles of condensation freeze and add to each other, that's how the flakes are formed. . . every flake is it's own shape. . . varying from every other snowflake to fall - some may look similar but it's impossible for one condensation mass to look exactly like any other condensation mass. . . . As the snowflake hits the Earth's atmosphere, melting and refreezing takes place causing many intricate shapes and patterns - Even after the snow reaches the ground, it continues to change shape as it melts and melds with the other snowflakes until the temperature reaches the magic 33 degrees and it melts back into the ground

As I read that entire article on "How does snow form" found here. .I thought how MUCH LIKE snowflakes we are. .. Perfectly and intricately formed by a creative Father. . . not like any other flake. . perfectly unique and beautiful. . . always molding until we are put back into the Earth by the one who made us....I pray that as I "meld with other snowflakes" I am making them more beautiful, delightful, glorifying. . . not the opposite.  

Isaiah 1:18-19

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Lord. 
Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; 
though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool.
If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land;


GG said...

If snow starts as dust, I have a potential blizzard at my house at any given time! I am really enjoying your blog...have often thought of doing one myself, but I think I'm boring, lol.