January 8, 2011

What Do I know of Holy

What Do I Know of Holy?

I love that this video lets you look at the words as you see Christ's creation. . . . I'm so. . . . utterly. . . . disgraceful. .. and the Creator of the Universe calls me friend.....WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I KNOW OF HOLY?  This makes me smile and yet a tear drops from my cheek as I ponder this. . . . I can't fathom. . .wrap my brain around the Judge of the World being my most intimate and loving friend.....despite - well, despite myself


So. . . have you ever heard anybody say "girl, you got issues" b/c you like to:

Have Stamps on envelopes in exactly the same distance from both sides of the corner.
prefer things in pairs 
rotate the rounds in your magazines so they all get cycled through the slide/extractor and all have the same exposure to air (oxidation)
Have all your pay stubs organized by date and separated between direct deposit and non-dd.
Know every light on your route to and from work and can actually drive from your house to work without ever getting stopped at a red light. 

Well - what is an Issue?  I have found through Recovery ministry that "issues" are just idols. . . Things that we put in front of God - or things that we focus on more than God.  

My BSF lesson says that "(a thing) that is worshiped is thought about constantly, spoken of continually, with ever attribute examined and praised toward deeper understanding and the closes possible relationship.  .. . but only the Creator God, good and perfect in every characteristic must be worshiped.  

I challenge you to think about your "issue" and examine it's "idol-ness" in your life and pray that God will help you only worship Him - because. . . . what do we really know of Holy?

AND MY GIVEAWAY - Yesterday, I bought dinner at Longhorn for some sweet friends - they were on a date and were trying to stay w/i a Gift Card limit. . . I Just bought it for them and let them keep their gift card for next time :)  

Today - I am giving away my time - I'm watching a friends little girl all day so she can have some time to do things she needs!!!

AND CONGRATS TO HEATHER< TERI< JILL< JENNIFER AND CARMEN - I'm making you something fabulous in the next couple weeks. . . I'm thinking something to do with knitting. .  but I"m going to think about it :)


Bowmanh23 said...

Ok that is just AWESOME that you bought your friends dinner. What a blessing! I am thinking of shoveling snow out of the driveways of the widows, elderly, and those recovering from surgery that live in my neighborhood. They say 6-12 inches, so there will be a need for it!