January 12, 2011

SnowFest 2011

What can I say?  We've had two great snow days - today is a third, but I think we can actually venture into town at some point today - and I hope so - b/c our milk, bread and egg stash has been HAD!
This is the little Doodle (aka Macie) and me - She has had soooo much fun

This is my little Butterbean (aka Cole) - The first day, he really enjoyed the snow. . he even went down on the sled a few times. . . yesterday, He just kinda walked around in the snow - the only thing he REALLLY wanted to do was ride the 4-wheeler with his dad!  

Max stayed int he house in his bouncy and watched cartoons much of the day........

Being cooped up in the house for going on three days has been REALLLLLLLLLLLLY fun for me!  I feel like a pioneer woman - all I've done is cook, clean up the mess and play outside!  Not that I think that pioneer folks got that much playing in - but I haven't even SEEN "town" since Sunday afternoon where I stocked up on my groceries - and I'm glad I did - b/c we would have run out!

THIS IS A STRETCH as far as my New Year's Resolution goes, but yesterday, I made breakfast and sent it downstairs to my grandmother - now my Grandmama lives downstairs but we don't really see her everyday - she has her own little apartment down there and we don't see her that often.  Today, I plan to do better! Being inside for 3 days has limited my giving abilities!!! 

I have nothing else of value to say today - just wanted to share my cute bundled up snow babies!!!
Maybe I'll have exciting news this afternoon about my giving news :)


Bowmanh23 said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! We are loving our break too. However, being in the house for a few days is leaving me without things to write about! Cute pics! Maybe I'll see you tomorrow!