January 20, 2011

I'll do better. .. .

Ok . . It's Thursday. . . I haven't updated since Monday - b/c WELL I SUCK AT THIS!

Here's the first problem. . >I haven't given away anything fun and exciting - so I didn't feel like there was a lot to blog about. . .

Here's the update so far: Monday - did some work for some co-workers. . . HEY . . ITS MONDAY and I'M TIRED and . . ITS MONDAY. . . by the time I get to work. . I'm tired - so I just try to help the guys and gals out!

Tuesday. . . I seriously can't remember, but I know I did something b/c I didn't miss a day....although - Tuesday at the Corley house left much to be desired. . . it was chaotic and crazy - and NOT controlled at all!

Wednesday - this is where it gets tricky. . but I like it:

I was on the phone with a friend - a good friend - and he said: "You can pray for me and (unnamed party). . that can be your giveaway today" - (HE READS MY BLOG)

So. . I was thinking about that - and that is what I gave away yesterday - every single time I thought about what I was going to give away . . I prayed for this sweet couple who is starting a new life together this summer and just mean a lot to me. SO O O - that's what I gave away yesterday - a day of prayers for one couple in particular! I'm happy about that giveaway b/c sometimes I say I will pray for somebody but I forget or whatever. .. so . . I'm happy with that.

Today, I'm EQUALLY as happy to be going to my BESTEST friend, Paiges house (over at Boivin HomeSchool) to help her do a little spiffying up around her house. . . She has been working like a slave laborer all week and I hope I can bless her by helping her around her house a little!


Paige said...

You are such a great friend! How can I thank you for helping me clean this mess up. Oh and stop being so hard on yourself. I think if you update more than once a week, you are doing a great job!

Mandy Corley said...

YOURE MY Favorite and you can't ever repay me - it was my gift to you!