January 13, 2011

If we get 25 followers. . . . . .

I'll Make one of these CUTESY PATOOTSY clipboards personalized with your name on it. .

Why do I want 25 followers? Because, I'm hoping that somebody will "pay it forwards" and join with me on this resolution. . . and make it a lifestyle of giving!!

Refer me to your friends!! One lucky winner will get a clip board!

This is how you Make the Clip Boards:

What you need
Mod Podge
A Clip Board
Scrapbooking paper of your choice
ribbon of your choice
any other embellishments of your choice

Decide which paper you would like to use - you can use coordinating paper or just one piece - cut it out to a TINY bit smaller than the size of the clipboard. I just turned my clip board over and used it as a template and then cut just inside of that....

Paint a THIN layer of mod podge onto your board and add the paper - use a credit card or something of that nature (I'm super technical and crafty, I know) to smooth away all of the bubbles. Note: if you have bubbles, DONT FRET - they will go away

Add the ribbon and whatever embellishments using the ModPodge. . .

When you have everything where you want it, simply ModPodge OVER everything - it leaves it with a glossy shine once finished and protects it from any spills or anything!

Add coordinating ribbon to the top!

Your possibilities are endless!! It's cute if you make a little pencil with matching paper and ribbon!!


Teri said...

I wanna know how to do this!!!

Mandy Corley said...

I'll put detailed instructions in just a bit :)